Carbon Neutral Club Hong Kong

Carbon Neutral Club Hong Kong

Mission and Vision

Co-created by Carbonbase and WWF- Hong Kong, we want to help individuals to be carbon neutral. With a strategy to incentivise voluntary carbon offset accelerating decarbonization locally and globally, we are creating a clear road map for individuals to participate in the fight against climate change in ways that are scalable and measurable.

Carbonbase shares further evidence of the carbon credit retirement via the registry PDF certificate

Carbonbase calculates the total carbon emissions, there are Carbonbase offset plans:

  • 1 month of carbon neutral living – HK$60
  • 2 months of carbon neutral living – HK$120
  • Subscription of carbon offset for 12 months – HK$600


For more information, please visit:

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Should you have any should you have any enquiries, please contact to or click here to visit Carbonbase FAQ

About Carbonbase

Carbonbase was started by a team of passionate technologists, designers, and finance professionals who were deeply concerned about the urgency of effective climate change action. Having attended UNFCCC Conference of the Parties, we were inspired by the energy of youth, but frustrated by the glacial speed of policy formation. We wanted to create a platform to drive big change in corporate and governmental action.